Usually anytime a casino makes a change to a players club it does not benefit the player.  Well, from what I can read on Cosmo's website I can not find a negative (except for slot players).  The previous change to Cosmo's player club was the following:
-$7.50 coin in = 1 identity point on video poker
-$1.50 coin in = 1 identity point on reel slots
-$1 spent on hotel,spa,dining, and shopping = 5 identity points (For every $100 spent = $5 in resort credit)

-Sterling level: requires 5,000 identity points
-Gold level: 20,000 points
-Platinum: 50,000 points

Now the website shows the following

-Video Poker has gone from $7.50 down to $6 coin in per identity point
-Slots has gone from $1.50 up to $2.50 coin in per identity point
-spending has stayed the same
-Sterling level requirement has dropped from 5,000 down to 4,000 points!

Now assuming that the same applies with 100 points = $1 in free play or comps the new earning level for VP players is .167%.  This beats out the entry level Total Rewards, Mlife, B Connected and even the D and Downtown Grand players clubs.  

This is a step in the right direction for the new ownership.  Lets just hope they keep my 10c 100 play Bonus Poker machine on the floor!

Sterling Rewards: The free room night and BOGO buffet each month are not the most attractive offers, but the rooms are amazing at Cosmo, and I can't remember getting a free room for hitting the 2nd level of any other players club.
I believe the Cosmo still uses a rolling 12 month period for earning points, I know I will have some expiring come my next trip.  I hope to hit that Sterling level now that it is more attainable.  I'll report back after my trip!
About this time last year, I found while sifting though the transportation sections of different Las Vegas message boards a great deal on a rental car.  This was not the typical coupon code to add into your alamo or dollar website, nor was it a insider tip on priceline.  Instead this was a deal found through the Total Rewards website.  I took advantage of this deal, getting my rental car for under $120 bucks for the week, and then about a week later, it dried up.  So before it dries up again, if you are in need of a rental car in Vegas, I urge you to take advantage of this before it leaves again!

Click here

Your first step is to login to the total rewards webpage.  If you are not a Total Rewards member, you will need to sign up to get this deal.  It's free and if you are going to gamble anyway, odds are you will end up at a Total Rewards property sooner or later anyway...

Once you log in, Click on Earn and Redeem at the top of the screen.  Next click on With TR Alliances also at the top of the screen.  Next click the orange learn more bar on the TR Getaways square.  Now click on the orange Enter TR Getaways bar.  Once you complete this it will take you to  This is where you select car, enter Las Vegas for location, enter your dates and your on your way!

Now, I am kicking myself a little because, I first checked this out about a week and half ago.  When I logged in today, the price has gone up.  I still received a 7 day reservation for $156 final price for a Ford Escape, so I am not really complaining.  But use this as a gauge on price, to determine when to pull the trigger.  As a comparison, for the same dates and times, Alamo has a economy car for $234 after all taxes and fees.  I'll keep checking rates as my dates get closer but I'm happy with the price I paid, hopefully this will save you some money!