I first read about this on VegasMessageBoard.com where I find a LOT of great info.  I urge any vegas regular to create a username and lurk through the many topics on this message board.  

Here's the scoop:  The $500 minimum craps table in the high limit rooms of Wynn and Encore still off typical Strip 3X4X5X odds at craps, well big deal right?  The problem is ALL other tables are now ONLY 2X ODDS!  this is craziness!!

Let me give you the math to try and put this into perspective
CasinoInsider does a nice job of spelling out the true house edge on a passline bet with the odds bet factored in. 

Typical strip odds offer 3x4x5x odds, for simplicity we will compare 2x odds to 5x odds.

2X odds behind passline bet-  .61% house edge
5X odds behind passline bett- .32% house edge

So we are close to doubling the house edge when only allowing double odds!

Personally, if you can afford to take the full odds bet, travel downtown where you can find 10X odds at casinos like the D and Main Street Station.  What does 10X odds do to the house edge you ask?  Brings it down to a mere .18%!  That's an El Cortez Blackjack kind of house edge!
Let's hope this is not a trend to continue.  As much as I love a good gamble, nothing beats staying at a high end strip property.  But when properties start to diminish the odds on the games being offered, they make it a lot harder to justify a stay at their property.  
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