As I approach 24 hours before arriving in Vegas, I continue to peruse all my usual vegas message boards and websites getting any extra tidbits of information that will make my next vacation great.  Stumbled upon a post from from a poster asking about the best MGM property on the strip for comped craft beer.  Having stayed at MGM Grand, Mirage and Aria I had not encountered anything great, especially when it comes to IPAs (Although Mirage buffet offers all you can drink Sierra Nevada IPAs at the buffet included in the price).  I have had luck in the high limit room at Cosmo getting a comped Lagunitas IPA but had been turned down on the slot floor for one.  A couple bars at QUAD including the new TAG lounge have quite a few comped beer options but those usually limit you to play what schedules are available at the bar (usually not very good).  But poster Gator5520 provided a link to Mandalay Bay that surprised me:

I normally do not venture that far south on the strip, in fact its probably been close to 2 years since I have visited Mandalay Bay.  Staying at Ballys and Bellagio this trip I'm going to at least say I will make an effort to visit Mandalay Bay this trip.  I think its great that they shout out on their site the fact that they offer craft beer to players on the casino floor.  I don't know of another place on or off the strip that has done this.