As my trip fast approaches I begin to accumulate all the great things that casinos are giving away (for a certain amount of play) during the time I am in town.  While I generally do not take advantage of these I did pick up booze from both Orleans and Gold Coast during my March trip this year, so its possible I will make a run at some of these freebies...

GOLD COAST: December 30th for only 300 points, I can bring home champagne glasses!  This will probably be one I pass on.  I remember playing for ice cream cups that I eventually threw out last time, so this will not be high priority for me.

ORLEANS: December 29th for 300 points I can get a 2 layer dessert stand!  This might be tough to fly back with undamaged... They also have some booze!  On December 30th for 300 points I can play for a bottle of barefoot champagne.  Not bad, these bottles are usually 1/2 sized but free is free.

M RESORT: I Haven't been here in a couple years, not since they became a Penn Gaming company.  We used to love this property but we let our offers dry up and have not been back.  This may get us in.  On December 29th they are offering a 2 for 1 T shirt Blowout!  This takes 300 points as well (not sure if they still have 3 points to the $ here, as the ad says base points, but either way not hard to do) and it says you can get up to 3 additional gifts per person!  So as this is called a warehouse blowout, they may have other M resort gear to get as well.  This one is a definite maybe!