So even though I bitched about the extended wait time at dollar this past trip, I was very happy with the money I saved booking the rental.  I wrote about the method I used on here last time using the website.  Well, I decided to throw my October dates in and see what rates are looking like.  To my surprise that feature is gone.  I really feel like I've been bashing Total Rewards and CET lately, but they are making it easy for me to do so.  Previously the rate booked here included all taxes and fees which ended up saving $70-$80 for a 6 day rental.  But this is gone so I will update you with what I am experimenting with now.  Promises to keep track of your rental car reservations from other companies and send you an email when they find the rate has dropped.  Now I have tried this before and it did not work.  I think this time I will book multiple car levels to ensure it tracks all price drops.  Alamo is notorious for dropping the rate of the fullsize and above car rates below economy at times, which can work out to be a great deal.  But if autoslash is only watching my rental rate on an economy car, I will not be notified.  So I will give this a try and report back my results.  If anyone else has any rental car discounts or methods they use, please comment below, the good ones never seem to last long!



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05/05/2015 12:35am

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05/18/2015 11:32pm

You actually can just enter in your economy car reservation and AutoSlash will let you know if it finds a lower rate on an Economy car or higher.

Additionally, you actually don't have to book elsewhere first. You can get a quote with the best rates AutoSlash can find across all companies by submitting a request at

Hope this helps!

06/08/2015 2:45pm

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06/12/2015 9:30pm

The TR car rental service was really cheap, but the third party they used looked pretty shady. I ended up not using them because I wanted to book directly through Alamo (the best car rental company) instead of using that shady third party.

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