Take a minute to check out the newly updated Hotel Reviews I just posted that wrap up my October trip as well as my more recent December Trip.  You will find new reviews for Rio (Luxury Room), Fremont (Suite), and Cosmopolitan (Terrace Suite).  Enjoy!!


Thanks for the great reviews!

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05/19/2016 3:25am

My family decided to stay at a hotel when there is a special social function. I can honestly state that everything in the hotel is perfect. The service of the staff was first-class and they made me feel like a queen. We had our room upgraded to a corner room directly overlooking the sea. These corner rooms are more upright than a pool view room. . The location is very accessible and has good parking. I love a good breakfast buffet. Our memorable experience took up at the Reception Desk where we were welcomed by the courthouse & always smiling staff, we immediately felt at home with their hospitality as well as the support staff of the hotel. Room accommodation is also outstanding.

What is the best hotel in your opinion?

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